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No BS help for Small Businesses in Oxfordshire!

Are you desperate to make changes to your business and looking for Real No Nonsense Business Help And Advice? Are you sick of listening to ‘business jargon’ and disillusioned by the waffle of Conventional Business  Advisers and Business Consultants?

If so, you might fancy a chat with a More Relaxed Business Coach?

Back2basics Business CoachIf You’re Looking for…

          • Fresh Ideas To Boost Your Income
          • New Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle
          • With Less Stress and Less Hassle!


  • You don’t want any baffling corporate jargon spouted by conventional Business Advisors or Consultants…
  • You do want more Down to Earth, more Grassroots, more Straightforward Ideas to make both your Business and Life a whole lot simpler!

Who am I, and what does a Business Coach do?

My Name is Charlie, I’m not slick, I’m seldom subtle and I’m definately not a usual Business Advisor! I am different, I’m not mainstream, and without doubt come from an Unconventional Background!

I do however have plenty of experience in both running and helping small businesses, so if you’re Self Employed or Run a Small Business around Bicester, Oxford, Banbury or Witney and struggling to get your business to work perfectly for you I may just be your man!

Would you like to take another look at your business with a lighter attitude – and also prepared to have your feathers ruffled if needs be by someone who’ll tell it like it is? If so, then please look a little closer at Who I am and What I do.

Yes, I may be unconventional but I will never confuse you or cost you a fortune!

I run a few Businesses of my own, and understand how running a small business can be frustrating at times! I also know however, that with a bit of hard work to set up and get running, a small owner run business can also provide you with a pretty fun and easy life. My business are all set up and running nicely now – so I’m free to spend some time with other business owners in Oxfordshire to help them get theirs the way they want!

I love the challenge of spotting opportunities; of widening horizons; of helping people think bigger and braver; to help them look again at their situation (and I can’t believe I’m about to put this) think ‘out of the box’!

I help them find ways to make their lives easier, by uncovering some of the simplest ideas that’ll make their business more rewarding for them!

I offer a Straightforward, Unintimidating and Fun way to find some Ridiculously Simple Solutions to Your Problems: Great Ideas you may have Previously Overlooked, and if not – I’ll Cost You Nothing!

Why I know I can help

In short, I probably know stuff you don’t! Yes it may sound egotistical but I’ve worked hard at understanding the fundamentals of what makes great businesses – great! And I’d like to help you look at your business again with a fresh pair of eyes and a whole bucket load of enthusiasm! Whatever it is you want to achieve, I believe I can help you build a business that produces the income you want, but doesn’t take over all your time!

So if you’re around the Bicester, Oxford, Banbury or Witney area of Oxfordshire, it would be easy to have a chat and see if I can help you with your business (however suits you best). together, we could uncover some ways to make those unbelievably Simple Ideas start heading both your Business and Life in the right direction!

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If You’re Looking for…

  • Fresh Ideas To Boost Your Income
  • New Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle
  • With Less Stress and Less Hassle!

Whatever YOU want, I know I can help you – or I don’t want paying a penny!

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Jill Thompson

I never thought Business Coaching would be for me: I thought it would be all that ‘happy clappy’ team building type stuff! Not at all, Charlie Simply Assisted me to build my Skills and Confidence without me even realising it.

Jill Thompson – A Sceptical Small Business Owner from Chipping Norton