Why I’m Different

A Business Coach Who Genuinely Smashes the Mold for Any Kind of Business Consultant!

NO Upfront Fees, NO Hourly Rate – Pay ONLY for Results!

If you are self employed or run just small, personal business – you cannot afford to stump a whole lot of money up front in the vain hope of getting results – Sooooo…

Because I love what I do, I and am delighted to give you the option of my Time, Effort and Knowledge to you for nothing, nowt, zip, gratis – All I ask you to pay for is the Ideas, Strategies and Action Plans that we come up with that you like – and at a price that Always Offers You Outstanding Value!

You see, I know that what I do is monumentally hard to take on face value, and know that no-one likes to invest in something they haven’t experienced  – But I’m so convinced that I can help any type of business owner achieve pretty much anything I’m making an offer you’d be daft to turn down!

Here’s how it works…

You might have seen Gordon Ramsey’s ‘F word’ based in a virtual restaurant where the diner pays nothing up front – and only ever pays the amount they choose for the quality of food they receive – a no lose situation right?

And this works in the same way…

You come to see me, we have a chat about what you want to achieve in both your life and business; you consider the value that these getting outcomes are worth to you – and together we come up with a plan incorporating some New Ideas and Opportunities you might have Previously Overlooked.

At the end of the meeting we review all the ideas and progress made, and you tot up what you think this progress is worth to you – right here, right now, on the day, taking into account your previous evaluations.

You Only Ever Pay For Results!

This means that I simply don’t have the luxury of making promises I cannot deliver: I will never waste your time or money with padding, or bore you to tears with recycled academic theories – because it simply isn’t in either our interest to do so.

The time you invest with me is Guaranteed to put a Genuine, Workable Plan in Your Hand. A Plan that you believe in, and which you can use to Drive Your Business Forward in those areas you choose.

This is an arrangement based on trust: And I’ll take it on the chin that I might not hold the answers you’re looking for (though this has never happened yet)! On the other hand, if I do send you away with a renewed spring in your step and with your eyes opened to some new opportunities you may not have previously thought of – I ask for an honest evaluation on what my input has been worth to you.

If that doesn’t make me different enough…

My background as a Fire-fighter, and not  from the ‘hard nosed’ Business world means I can bring this same Excitement and Fire into YOUR Business!

Small business coachIf you’re in the Oxfordshire area and committed to making your business work perfectly for you – and are simply not interested in tedious ‘Pie Charts’ or ‘Projected Customer Trending’ – And are looking for just Simple. Straightforward And Fun ways to get Guaranteed Results – I’m your man!

STOP WISHING Your Business was more Profitable, Fun and Easy to Run and START TAKING ACTION RIGHT NOW! Pop your details into the boxes below to request some More Information and Receive an Enlightening and FREE 'Rate Yourself' Questionnaire.

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You probably already have an Accountant to help manage the finances, and a Solicitor to help with legalities – Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to Support, Guide and Advise you when it comes to the fundimental Promoting and Managing of the Business Itself?

I can help you find exciting new ways to:-

Sales and Marketing
Making More Profit
Business Planning
Work/Life Balance
Dealing with Personal Stress and Confidence
Promoting Your Business Online
Business Start Up

I have spent 14 years Putting Out Fires for a living, and now I Light Fires under Small Businesses Owners – Helping them Build Businesses Profitable, Fun and Easy to Run.

…And What I offer is Perfect for Just the Smallest Businesses…

NO Eye Watering Up Front Fee’s

NO Binding Contracts

NO Confusing Jargon or other Corporate BS!

NO Slick, High Pressure Sales Pitch

NO Arm Twisting

NO Huge Commitment

NO Risks WHATSOEVER! (Click HERE for My TOTAL Guarantee)

NO Flash Armani Suit or Stuffy Leatherette Elbow Pads!

Small Business CoachI know what it is to Walk the Walk and NOT Just Talk the Talk!

So I make a point of Packing a Uniquely Adventurous and Sometimes Outrageous Punch – Telling it ‘like it is’ with a Sense Of Fun and Humour that quickly Cuts to the Heart of What’s Important to YOU – And What Needs To Be Done Right Now!

I discovered my passion for small businesses while working with ‘stressed out’ small business owners as a Qualified Personal Coach – And have (nor want) any restrictive formal qualifications in Business.

My experience working with so many Business owners, along with sheer gutwrenching hard work learning the lessons taught by Business ‘guru’s’ such as Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy and Michael Gerber; my limitless enthusism – Has ultimately prooved my worth time and again with many previous clients. Give me a try and see what you think!

Please take a look at what my previous clients have to say HERE (opens in a new window)

STOP WISHING Your Business was more Profitable, Fun and Easy to Run and START TAKING ACTION RIGHT NOW! Pop your details into the boxes below to request some More Information and Receive an Enlightening and FREE 'Rate Yourself' Questionnaire.

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No Corporate Bull!So There’ll Be None Of That Mindless Corporate Gobbledygook from me – Just Down To Earth; Simple and Straightforward Ideas and Advice on How YOU can get What You Want Out Of Your Business – Without Fluff, Jargon or Waffle.

Each and Every Business has its Very Own Set of Unique Challenges – And Every Owner has their own Personal Wants and Needs…. And that means I won’t try and fit your Business into some ‘Set in Stone’ Rigid Structure  or Pre-prescribed Formula – Simply Give You Dedicated, Flexible and Focussed Attention and some Fresh Options on What’s most Important to You RIGHT NOW…

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And Here’s Why You’ve Got Nothing Whatsover To Lose…

Business Coach Guarantee

Charlie Says…

“I put My Money where My Mouth is – Offering a Uniquely Risk Free Opportunity for you to Better Understand both Yourself and Your Business! Of Course I want to Get Paid – but Only For the Service I Promise”!

I’m so confident that I will make a huge impact on the way you think about and manage your business. Click on the link above to check out my Guarantee that is So Bold, So Wild and So Brazen:


Give Me A Try – With This Bulletproof Guarantee You Really Do have Absolutely Nothing Whatsoever To Lose!

Please take a quick look at what Previous Clients have to say about what I do… Sound good?
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