Back2basics Business Coach – Who Am I?

As well as a Business Coach in Oxfordshire I still run Businesses of my own

I was first an HGV Mechanic and then a Fire-Fighter and ‘Blue Light’ driving instructor for 14 Years until medically retired with dodgy knee’s. I now run a few businesses of my own while helping others to launch or perfect their own ventures which means…

I don’t ‘do’ Academic theories that Don’t Work In The Real World!

My own businesses:-

hire-van-logo-houseMotorhome from Home™ provides information and support to people wanting to hire out their own motorhomes and campers. Also provides a mailing list for hire enquiries and marketing.

Oxfordshire Motorhome Hire: which offers modern motorhomes at reasonable prices. Proves a  marketing and process support to motorhome and camper owners in and around Oxfordshire.

book-cover-how-toAuthored the Book ‘How to Rent Out Your Motorhome’.


New sunflower long2Sunflower Carpet Cleaning: which funnily enough – cleans carpets in North Oxfordshire and Northampton.

foot cover 7Instinctive Fitness: is a book I co-authored which has been featured in The Times, Sainsburies Magazine, Red Magazine, Bella and various other publications.

WW T ShirtWoodland Workouts: which provides fitness classes with a difference in and around North Oxfordshire.

So I think it’s fair to say I’ve worked hard, seen the results and got dirt (and blood) under my finger nails, and I’m simply not going to waste your time with stuff that doesn’t work!

As a fully qualified Performance Coach I have spent thousands of hours of hard graft, studying the Guru’s of Small Business such as Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham  and Michael Gerber etc. and have cherry picked the best ideas and strategies proven to work for me in my business, and know will also work for any type of small business…

…and I love working closely with the business owners to adopt these simple but powerful ideas into their business.

Small business coachThese ideas are usually neither complicated nor expensive – but the Easiest, Most Straightforward and often Free Strategies that far too many business owners all to often overlook!

However, as we all know, the proof of the pudding is always in the eating – So to find out whether you think I have what it takes to help you – check out my Testimonials and judge for yourself.

Charlie Says:-

Charlie Packer

“I’m not going to stretch the whole fire-fighter metaphor to breaking point, because let’s be honest here – the two roles are chalk and cheese! However I do bring something uniquely powerful  to business owners: A tell it like it is attitude that helps them quickly identify what needs to be done; know how they’re going to do it – then crucially…

Stop Talking About What Needs to Be Done – and Get On With Doing What Needs to Be Done”!

Even though in essence I am a big softy – my sole purpose will be to move heaven and earth to get you where you want to be and on the odd occasion this can involve a gentle Fire Boot in the pants to get you up off their backside and taking the action you probably already know you need to take!

In case your interested: in my spare time I ride Fast Bikes, Play Loud Guitars and Competitively Arrange Flowers at an International Level (except the last one isn’t even remotely true)

Give me a call on: 07876 215092

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