FREE Ruthless Review Of YOUR ‘Sales Material’!!

Want to Know How Your Business Looks to Potential Customers – Both Online and Offline?

Business Owners are Notoriously Bad at Presenting their Products or Services in Advertisments and Sales Material etc. For One Simple Reason…

They know what it is they do – But make the mistake that everyone else know s what they do too!

Often they either over complicate things or miss out huge chunks of vital information the customer is desperate to know – often using language that potential customers don’t understand!

Charlie Says…

Charlie Packer“Far Too Many Business Owners are Completely Unknowingly going to Great Effort and  Expense Producing Advertising and Sales Material that Confuses Customers”!

Do You Want To Know The Truth About What Your Business Looks like to Potential Customers?

  • Websites
  • Sales letters
  • Brochures
  • Advertisments

That sort of thing…

No-one likes to hear stuff they don’t like about the shop-front they have worked so hard to develop – But if you want to get better results from your Website/Adverts/Promotional Material – there is no point in burying your head in the sand and vainly hoping for better results!

Improve Response Rates

Assuming your sales material gets attention, now you need to seamlessly guide your potentially interested customer into making the next step of investing some of their hard earned cash.

Many businesses place unnecessary obstacles into the path of eager new customers wanting to buy.

If you would like to have some valuable and honest feedback on how your business looks to the outside world, and how to make it easier for customers to actually buy – drop me a line. I would be more than happy to take a quick look at no cost whatsover and give you some feedback on what I perceive your business does and who it does it for – and perhaps offer you a few pointers as to where you could be losing paying customers.

Would You Like Someone Completely Un-biased to Look at How You are Presenting Yourself to Your Customers – and Give You Some Brutally Honest Feedback?

If you are ready to get a better idea of what your business looks like to the outside world  right now! drop me an Email at to set a time for a chat.

Or you can pick up the phone and give me a call direct on: 07876 215092

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