Business Start Up

Just Started Your Oxfordshire Business or Thinking About Pushing the Button and Starting?

Lots of Ideas running ‘Round and Round’ your head but not Quite Sure How to Take the Business Forward or Confident enough to Take that Final Leap of Faith – and set the wheels in motion?!!?

Excited and Thrilled by all the Possibilities Your New Business Might Have?

Would like to discuss your ideas face to face with someone local who can run you through a process that will get this tangle of ideas out of your head and sorted out into Clear Achievable Plans?

  • Someone who GUARANTEES to open your eyes to some ideas and possibilities you might not have thought of?
  • Someone who can help you build an Inspiring Concrete Documented Plan which will finally Enable you to make Informed and Realistic choices!
  • Someone Down to Earth and who asks for NO Upfront Fee’s Whatsoever?

Over a series of 6 Weekly Meetings in North Oxfordshire we could be clarifying your thoughts and looking at all the options you might have

Taking each part of the business one at a time: step by step we will build up a clear picture of all your Ideas until you finally have all the information you need to Make Your New Business Really Work or take that Potentially Life Changing Decision Once and For All.

  • Laying down In Stone what you want from the business personally
  • Studying and Understand the Potential Market for your Product or Service
  • Looking closely at who your Customers are, the Alternatives they have; why they would want to buy from you – and compare yourself to your soon to be competition
  • Creating a Product/Service Uniquely Perfect and Compelling for your Perfect Customer
  • Looking at the options available out there to Promote and Market your new business
  • Putting together a model of how your business is actually going to operate profitably
  • Looking at your Costs and Pricing to find out how to maximise your personal and financial Rewards
  • Looking at the Personal Commitment and Financial Investments.

Really Nailing Down what you’re going to do next??

Once all this Information is Gathered Together, it’s Ready to Turn into a Draft Business Plan – Perfect to Review and Update as Your New Business Grows.

Do you want to Feel 100% Happy that Your New Business has the best possible chance of living up to all your expectations? Would you like to have some help and advice in making that Uniquely Important Decision that might just change your whole life!

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