Some Kind Words from Previous Clients…

  • Having some friendly individual guidance from Charlie helped me to get clearer on what I needed to actually do next to benefit my individual business – the glimpse of future possibilities was an exciting bonus that I wasn’t expecting. Joanne Oliver www.joanneoliver.co.uk
  • Charlie help join the dots in my own thinking until there is a clear picture of what my business should be about. Through our sessions, I started realising the real value of my business and what it really had to offer – And it was a lot more than I ever thought! Olly Selway www.paleotraining.co.uk
  • Wow – Just thought I’d let you know that one brief 10 minute conversation we had has just banked me a £16,000 contract – Thanks! Stuart  Cablewise Electricians

  • Charlie has enabled us to step back and evaluate our business and progress to date clearly which has had many benefits in assessing our future. The level of support we have received has far outweighed our expectations and has demonstrated Charlie’s commitment to helping us move forward. We have received excellent value for money so thank you very muchMelissa FridgeUK
  • I never thought it would be for me at all. I thought it would be all that happy clappy team building type stuff, which is not for me.  Not at all, Charlie took the time to find out what my business was, what I was about and how I felt about my business; tailored our sessions to my needs, and was extremely supportive managing to build my confidence without me even realising it! Jill Thompson JT Consulting
  • I have been able to reduce my work load, whilst retaining the satisfaction I get out of my job, widen my horizons to include some different types of work and completely reorganise the family finances to allow me to work less hours and spend more time doing the things I want to do.  Elaine Cannon NEWC
  • Over the last three months I have found your role as a coach to be a very valuable addition to the team. In practical terms your approach to questioning my business and personal objectives helped to focus my attention on the most important aspects of life.  Michael Brown Picture House
  • When you are working for a company, so many things are done for you and so many things are taken for granted. It is easy to get disillusioned by the management issues and lose focus of the love of the industry. I am so pleased to have worked with someone who has permitted a more objective view on things. Our regular meetings are something that I look forward to. They give me the drive to complete tasks and they provide so much needed relief that I can finally open up to someone.  Sophie sophierudge.com
  • Charlie has been instrumental in assisting me to find ways of managing my challenges. Now thanks to Charlie, I have a much lighter attitude coupled with so much more time in my day.  Paul Griffiths AFS

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