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Are You Frustrated Your Phone Doesn’t Ring as Often as You’d Like?

Far too many Small Business Owners fear that going out and Actively Attracting Customers will be Expensive, Complicated and Time Consuming… But fortunately because Generating New Business MUST be the No 1 Priority for any business owner…

Sales and Marketing for Small Business can be Simple, Straightforward, Low Cost and (believe it or not) Fun!

Great Marketing is essentially about

  1. Getting outside of your own little world, and looking back at your business from the outside: from the customers point of view!
  2. Finding ways to shout what you’ve learnt from the roof tops: what you do, and why you offer something that extra bit special!
  3. Making it so damn easy for potential customers to buy!

If you want potential customers to lift their head up from whatever they’re doing and take notice of the great things you have to offer them – you need to speak to them in their language – and like it or not, this may well involve throwing away most of your existing marketing and sales material and starting all over again.

After a few meetings you will start to see all the silly mistakes for yourself, and giggle bashfully at what you’d previously been doing. But refreshingly, you’ll also take condolence from the fact that nearly everyone else’s marketing material simply doesn’t work for them either!

Prepare to Shout

Modesty and understatement when promoting your business simply won’t cut it – No, like it or not, you’re going to have to pull out all the stops to attract your customers attention!

Sitting back and hoping customers will find their own way to your door is not a great recipe for success at any time!

…And Attracting Customers requires Just 4 key areas for consideration:-

  1. Identifying Who and Where Potential Customers Are
  2. Finding the Best Ways to Grab their Attention
  3. Convincing them you have something they really Want
  4. Giving them enough reasons and a hurdle free route to Stop Looking and Start Buying

Think about it: If you were to attract just 10% more customers; convince them to Spend 10% more – and come back to Buy 10% more often – You could see A 33% increase in your top line profit!

Why Should Potential Customers Take Notice of You?

If you want to Attract Customers easily, you must convince them that you really understand them, and offer them what they really want – And to understand what they really want, you might need to take another look at what your business offers from the customers view point.

You see, they don’t know all those details that you take for granted: You Know You’re Honest; YOU Know Why You’re Unique; YOU Know all the reasons why someone should want to buy from you – BUT Potential Customers DON’T – YET!

Effective Small Business Marketing is nothing like the huge budgeted Marketing Drives undertaken by big business! No. Small Business Marketing is so much simpler, and understanding just A Few Simple Principles and Following A Few Straightforward Rules will enable you to tell your customers all the good things you can offer.

Like it or not Sales and Marketing Activities are Absolutely Essential to any type of business! And you really do need to have a pretty good idea of the answers to the following questions in order to start really getting your phone ringing! :

  1. Who is my Perfect Customer?
  2. What are the most Effective and Economical ways for me to tell them all about what I do?
  3. What will they need to Hear, See and Believe to recognise I’m perfect for them?
  4. What Incentives will Encourage them to Stop Looking and TAKE ACTION?
  5. MAKE IT EASY!!!

Sales and Marketing Activities Don’t have to be Expensive Or Complicated – But They Must be Effective!

Talentless Halfwits

After all – The most literary celebrated authors are very seldom  the best selling authors, the best paid actors are seldom the most talented – and even Jedward’s own mother can’t for the life of her understand how two such talentless halfwits as her sons made the big time!

A Great Product or Service is never a guarantee of success because none of those lovely potential customers out there have the faintest idea of who you are, what you do, or understand the fantastic benefits your business offers them.


Sales and Marketing Activities are Essential – And can be Fun!

Marketing should never be considered an inconvenient afterthought – but the core activity of your business.  Finding out what makes your customers happiest; telling them all about how you’re going to do it – Then delivering above their expectations is the first step!

Charlie Packer
Talented Full Wit!

I promise an Effective Marketing Strategy really isn’t half as complicated, expensive or cut throat as the ‘experts’ might like you to think. And perhaps even more importantly, I can help you to understand and even enjoy the process of finding new customers too – Creating your own Sales and Marketing Material that represents your business and your personality exactly how you want – arguably better and certainly at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated Marketing Consultant.

Great Sales and Marketing Are the Quickest Ways to Attract More Customers.

If you would like to find out more about the Simple and Straightforward way I approach Sales and Marketing: Why I believe it should be a process to experiment with and enjoy, and how I can assist you to create a plan to raise the profile of your business: Some New Tricks and Ideas to Attract More Customers – Simply fill in the boxes below for more information on how you can try me out Absolutely FREE.

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