Small Business Expansion

Thinking About Taking On Some New Employees or Expanding into New Areas?

If you are currently a Sole Trader or or just have a couple of ‘close’ Employees – the decision to risk expanding the business with New People or New Products/Services is always a Daunting one!

Working on your own as a Sole Trader is indeed a great way of making a living – You’re your Own Boss and have no-one to worry about but Yourself and ‘Your’ Own Capabilities and Skills.

Uncomplicated, Familiar and Safe.

However, working on your own in the long term is without doubt  limiting – You only ever get paid for the time you put in, and if you don’t work you don’t earn!

Your Earning Potential is Limited!

But any type of expansion has obvious risks, and perhaps the biggest one of all  that the sole trader faces is coming to terms with the new skills and considerations that they will inevitably have to deal with.

Would you like to discuss your plans with someone who can help you to evaluate all your options: The Benefits, The Risks; Any Potential Growing Pains?

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