Small Business Stress

Running a Small Business Can Be Stressfull!

But my guess is that you knew that already…

All those vital things you juggle in your head all the time:-

  • Frustrated small business ownerFinancial Worries
  • Personel Worries
  • Cash flow Worries
  • Customer Worries
  • Paperwork Worries
  • New work Worries
  • Home Life Worries
  • Competition Worries
  • Lack of Confidence Worries
  • Who knows what other Worries!

…You know the story.

But it really doesn’t have to be like that…

What if there was someone you could talk to, who wasn’t directly involved, didn’t have any preconceptions; didn’t feel the need to simply commiserate or agree with you – But didn’t bend your ear too much either?

Someone who could help you get your stresses and worries out of your head and dealt with: either thrashed out into concrete plans of action, or simply laid to rest once and for all – With a whole catalogue of Suggestions and Ideas perfect to overcome all sorts of businessy and personal problems?

Someone who’s background isn’t from the cold, hard corporate world – But from the World of Genuine Crisis Management that is an Operational Fire-fighter. Someone who has been up to his neck in all sorts of dramas, and can use this experience and cool head to help you get on top of your issues?

…Qualified as Personal (life) Coach and understands that your business problems are never left at back at the office – but are your problems that you take home, and which go round and round in your head until the family cops the fall out and the cat gets the inevitable kick.

Whatever is Stressing You Out In Your Business Can Be Tackled!

And I bet the solutions aren’t nearly as complicated, time consuming, or expensive as you might be thinking right now.

If you would like to stop worrying and start TAKING ACTION and find out whether the unique blend of skills I offer will be right to help you get to grips with your problems – Simply tap your details into the form below and I’ll get right back to you to see where you want to go from there.

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