Small Business Strategic Planning

Does Your Business Ever feel Out Of Control and Seriously Messing Up Your Home Life?

Has your business gradually expanded and evolved until although more financially rewarding, it’s also become more and more complicated, stressful and time consuming?

Continually forced to rush from pillar to post just to keep up with growing demands – you’re sick of the stress and now ready for some outside support, Fresh Ideas and perhaps a Outside Perspective to spot some new, More Effective Ways of doing what it is that you do.

Changes To A Business Must Be About Evolution: Not Revolution!

No matter what others may tell you  – I’m affraid there simply isn’t any one overnight magic, ‘one size fits all’  solution to plan (let alone carry out) the changes to any business! And you can also be sure that making Accurate Plans is going to require a fair dose of patience and tenacity because (as we all know) nothing ever goes smoothly or happens overnight!

But what if you had a process in place to help you remain focussed and motivated over a slightly longer period? So instead of throwing together a Business Plan in a few days -You commit a longer process of building a realistic and comprehensive but motivating and believable plan you can really get behind to develop your business over a longer period!

Frustrated small business ownerAre you Sick and tired of banging furiously away at the same old drum and Ready to commit yourself to changing the way you think about and operate – and make some plans to massively increase the rewards your business delivers both you and your customers?

Are you prepared to start thinking over a longer Term? And adopt a fresh approach that will enable you to Plan Out Your Future, and slowly but surely turn what is currently a good (but frustrating) business into a Great Business?

An Exciting, Ambitious but Totally Achievable Business Plan that will drive you progressively towards that Fantastic Future?

But alas, not all Business Plans are equal – And far too many of those that are thrown together in haste end up as uselessly generic, boring and formal documents doing nothing more than gathering dust on valuable shelf space.

But what about a Personal, Practical and Usable Roadmap that lays down exactly what you want – and spells out exactly how you’re going to get it…

…A working document made up of all the goals you want to achieve, and all the strategies that you’re going to need to get the job done! A document that you really believe in and you can constantly refer to, modify and update as your situation and needs change:

Giving you your very own blueprint to a fantastic future that will inspire you to get up off your backside and take action to build the business you always wanted.

Big Plans For Small Business is my Relaxed and Exciting Programme designed to offer you all the Personal Support you’re ever going to need to draft a plan to rapidly Expand and Transform Your Business.

But you’re terribly busy already and don’t have any time to…

Yep, I know, you’re up to your eyeballs – just about managing to keep up with the work load you already have – and you simply don’t have any spare time and perhaps even the inclination to look towards the future and make any cunning plans –

so I’ve come up with a way to make it really easy for you…

To Build Your Big Business Plan you get:-

1.       One full day far away from the grindstone every 4 weeks at my office to closely focus on what you really want to get out of your business, and develop some new ideas that will get you exactly what you want, both in the near future and in the longer term.

Held on the same day every four weeks – Month by month we look at various specific areas of your business until you have your unique blueprint to a perfect future.

2.       A two hour interim meeting held at your workplace on the same day every alternate alternate 4 weeks – to thrash out the day to day problems you and your business are facing, and tackling those problems that might have haunted you for years: generally building you a nicer place to work.

3.       Over the weeks we build for you a Comprehensive Business Plan that is written with you, just for you – heavy with your own goals, values and priorities, and which incorporates the very best strategies used by the most successful businesses.

a.       Take a fresh look at your Identity, Branding and the core message you project to your customers: Building a single focussed image that clearly represents you and the unique qualities that you and your business can offer them.

Identifying some new ways for you to:-

b.       Attract more of the customers you want – and who will get the highest value from what you offer them.

c.       Make your customers buying experience easier and more pleasurable.

d.       Generate more profit for you to enjoy and to enable your business to grow – all the while ensuring that your customers receive even better value.

e.       Make your job easier, so you experience less hassle and stress and more time to go outside and play

4.       A one to one meeting with a Web Designer to review your website itself and review and expand your internet marketing strategies.

5.        A one to one meeting with an Small Business Accounting Expert who will review with you the way you manage your day to day finances and show you how to keep on top of them in order to save you time and money with your accountant

Would you like to find out for yourself  whether I can help you to construct a Business Plan that will clearly show you how your business will develop over the coming months/years?

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