Small Business Work Balance

Running a Small Business should be about Earning a Great Living in a way that Makes You Happy and Gives You Massive Satisfaction…

Small Business Work/Life BalanceWhilst at the same time providing your happy customers with more value than they can shake a stick at!

If your Work/Life Balance is driving you mad and your Business is failing to deliver you the rewards you want, and you’re not making the changes that will give you these rewards – then why not throw in the towel and put in less time, less effort and less financial investment back at a nice, safe, predictable and secure job?

I’ll tell you why…

“Your Own Business has the potential to offer you rewards a ‘normal’ ‘job’ never can – unless you’re a banker of course! It can enable you to Make a Great Living from something you Love To Do, and Earn More Money and Enjoy More Time Off to go out and Enjoy Your Life” – SO STOP STALLING AND MAKE THOSE CHANGES!


But have you ever nailed down exactly what you really want to get out of Running Your Business in the first place?

The Financial Rewards? The hours you want to commit to the business? The tasks and working practises you want to get involved with while you’re at work and the people you would most enjoy working with?

You see, once you know exactly what YOU want, and what you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term – all the other factors and variables that are part and parcel of running a business can be tweaked and adjusted to get the exact results you want – Hooray!!

So, In An Ideal World – What would your business be like when perfected?

1.      How much Financial Income would your Business Generate for you?

2.      How many hours a Day/Week/Month would you want to put in personally?

3.      What Tasks and Activities would you choose your Working Day to consist of?

4.      What type of people would you choose to serve as your customers?

5.      What would your Business Excel at?

6.      What would your business be best known for?

7.      What could you offer that no-one else can?

8.      When would you like to have the choice to sell up or retire?

Nailing Down the answers to these questions is perhaps the one biggest thing that you could do to take control, and set yourself off in the direction of a Balanced, Enjoyable Business!

Once you know what you want to achieve, then with just a little extra time, effort and especially know how, you can chop, change, alter and modify your business so that it does enable you to balance your work life and private life.

Charlie PackerIf you are unhappy with way your business takes up too much of your time and seems to deliver you few of the rewards you really want from it, perhaps I could help you to start identifying what needs to be changed, and offer you some Fresh Ideas that will help you to make it work better for you?

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